What does AIM offer?

  • AIM provides digital transformation tools, complimented by our expert leadership.
  • We help your organisation to find the best alternative business solutions, allowing your business to enjoy and maintain a sustainable competitive edge.
  • Our world class tools help your organization re-engineering your processes and uniting your whole enterprise to embrace all operational changes to deliver quality client experiences.
  • AIM’s strong business value network allows us to make sure your digital transformation strategy achieve success.

Whether it involves enterprise architecturebusiness process managementbig data analysiscyber security or mobile app development - we can help!

Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management

Our tools allow clients to formulate achievable transformation strategies, focusing on business opportunities to be exploited with innovative digital solutions supported by customer journey mappings.

Our toolset accommodates business processes improvement by tracking performance measurements complimented by specialized simulation-&-optimizing methods. It also allows clients to manage their business risks, automate work tasks and include robotic process automation (RPA) in order to sustain customer satisfaction.

Big Data

Our toolset allows a business transformational approach in analysing big voluminous data via artificial inelegance (AI) and machine learning (ML). This tool zooms in on business risky areas (including fraud, cyber data security and corruption) isolating anomalies not visible through traditional rule-based data validation methods adopting patented algorithms.

Cyber Security

Our toolset allows clients to seamlessly secure their cloud assets, via internet patented full-stack side-scan security technology in order to prevent cyber security attacks on application (APP) level, operating-system (OS) level and data base (DB) level.

Application Develpoment

Our application development toolbox delivers a no-code or low-code rapid development platform which modernizes and optimizes the client’s business processes and user interfaces. The toolbox effortlessly integrates with the SAP Fiori platform or any other backend platforms unifying the client’s entire business ecosystem. This toolbox allows for drastically reduced time and cost to design, deploy and maintain applications across desktop, mobile, and offline environments.